what’s happening, in real-time

Why are we different?

The VIBEZ app will only launch once a series of food/drink pics are taken on your mobile away from the home location. Our UX interface will do the rest. It’s that easy!

What are we solving for?

To make an informed decision on where to go for food or drinks, based on what’s happening in real-time at your location.

You rate the VIBEZ, the food & drinks … we do the rest.

Who will benefit from this?

A VIBEZ rating can help anyone make a decision on where to go, not just for great food, but also a great atmosphere. All in REAL-TIME!
Whether you are traveling in a new city, or in your local neighborhood, knowing if your favorite spot for food is also busy with people having a good vibe, is in our view, essential in how people make decisions.

Travel with Taste

California, USA


What’s happening, in real-time